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Risk Management

Global Technology Services Group ("Global") offers its clients a range of IT asset deployment and end-of-life disposal services that have in common the core strategy of minimizing client risks. Global manages risks ranging from precision asset tagging and deployment tracking to Defense Department caliber destruction of proprietary data and environmentally sound asset recycling.

Safe Data Removal

Rapid growth of the personal computer industry has resulted in exponential expansion of the volume of confidential client and corporate information stored on servers, computers, point-of-sale devices, telephones and wide range of other equipment. Disposing of such confidential information takes primarily two forms: physical and electronic.

Environmental Standards

In strict compliance with EPA, R2 and ISO 14001 guidelines, Global separates and recycles all non-salable materials at no additional cost to its clients. Global audits as defined by R2 compliance and tracks downstream processing of all raw materials with its strategic compliance partners, ensuring Zero Landfill policy performance for each Global client.

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